Hello, I’m Kate!


As wedding cake makers go, I like my bakes sumptuous, delicious, elegant and contemporary. A creative soul at heart, I find true joy in the kitchen whether I’m designing unique wedding cakes or baking an intimate celebration cake.


Want to discover how my passion and experience can help you design your dream wedding cake? 


Grab a cup of tea and listen in!


As the daughter of a professional baker, this career path is deep-rooted in my genes, but I didn’t fully realise my passion until I relocated from London to the countryside. 


Moving to the countryside sparked my inner creativity...


The stunning natural surroundings of my new home in Malvern, and the birth of my beautiful son Alexander inspired me to bake and bake and bake some more! It is truly the most satisfying feeling to see someone take a bite out of your homemade cake, pie or cheesecake and watch the delighted reaction on their face...


My husband (the self-confessed chocolate addict) insisted that my cakes were the best of the best, and so the Marble Cake Company was born!


 Now, I’m living my dream as a wedding cake maker and designer. I help modern romantics design wedding cakes that surpass their expectations. Clean, contemporary designs, luxurious flavours and delicious finishing products are my kind of cake, and I hope they’re yours too!

      So, what makes me unique as a cake maker?


  • The taste of my cakes are my number one priority

  • I source many of my ingredients from the local farm

  • I strive to create pieces of fine art that are unmatched in presentation

  • I value your story as a couple, I want to know all about you

  • I used digital software for cake sketching so I can create your perfect design

  • I believe in providing you with an unforgettable result when you work with me


         Ready to see how I can help you?



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I’m always here to help! Send me an email here and find out how I can help you design your dream wedding cake.