Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and choosing a wedding cake is always an important part of your special day. Whether a small, intimate wedding or a larger event, I create the perfect cake to complement your style and your celebration.

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All the wedding cakes I make are bespoke and prices are depend on many factors including size, complexity of design, amount of sugar flowers and decorations on the cake. The pricing guide below shows how much is the average price of my cakes. 

Normally all my sponges are between  3" and 6" deep,  depend on the design of the cake. They are fully iced with chocolate ganache and fondant. Approximate serving portion is  1"x 1" for the wedding cakes, and 1"x 2" for the celebration cakes.
Price includes consultation and tasting box send to you, complete design, cake sketch and communication related to your cake. 

The following are starting prices and intended purely as a guide:

One Tier Wedding Cakes between £120 - £250

Two Tier  Wedding Cakes between £300 - £500

Three Tier Wedding Cakes between £450 - £700

Four Tier Wedding Cakes between £550 - 850

Five Tier Wedding Cakes between £800 - £1200

Please note that these prices are only used as a guide and if your cake will include a lot of sugar work like sugar-flowers, sugar ruffles you would expect to pay more. 

Due to the delicate nature and importance of the wedding cakes, I would normally deliver to your venue and set them up. So you wouldn't need to worry about your cake. Delivery change is calculated based on the milage to the venue and time spent setting the cake up.